About FitGal Activewear


Activewear, Yoga & Workout Clothes for Women

FitGal is a combination of our passion for fitness and fashion. We believe that great quality women’s athletic wear should come at an affordable price. We carry fun and stylish leggings that you won’t find anywhere else.

We want to help you get moving in stylish gym clothes, and look great while doing it.

FitGal blends the best of both worlds together in one product by offering high quality workout clothes that are truly affordable and incredibly versatile!

Whether you need gym wear, yoga pants or just some cool threads, we’ve got you covered. FitGal offers durable, comfortable and stylish athleisure wear suitable for any occasion.

Our fitness wear is made responsibly with high quality materials and that won’t pill or tear even in the highest powered dryers so you’ll truly get the most out of them!

We are here to help you get fit without breaking the bank.

Our Story

I’ve always been a very active person. From a young age, I played every sport — basketball, volleyball, tennis, you name it!

Physical activity was something that was ingrained into my lifestyle, and it’s no wonder why!

We are taught from an early age that fitness is important to leading a balanced life and I took that to heart.

From mandated physical fitness hours during the week, to the sporting activities we choose to participate in, the hours rack up and before you know it you’ve incorporated 7-10 hours of physical activity each week!

With that said, that usually only lasts for your youth. I often ask myself and discuss with friends and peers why that fizzles away as we enter university and then the corporate world?

There are many factors at play here that span far beyond the block of time required each week, which often gets subsumed by other things — whether it’s work, family commitments or other lifestyle factors.

The big issue, in my view, is that the importance of keeping your vessel healthy is something we are told comes SECOND to attaining the best grades, the best job, keeping on top at said job, and then rising on the corporate ladder.
Participating in sports, going to the gym – those are things we begin to consider luxuries when studying or working 12 hours per day!

I was no different. University for four years taught me the basics – prioritize work over physical and mental health.

Then for another six years, I went to my office job and worked 10-12 hours daily Monday through Friday and an additional 10-12 over the weekend to ensure I could get ahead.
I progressed significantly in the workplace, earning four promotions in six years and gaining significant knowledge and domain expertise in my field but suffered physically as a result of the lack of effort I put into maintaining my vessel!
The work was rewarding – the grind and the lack of flexibility was not.

I gained weight, got sick often, felt winded when going up a flight of steps, felt generally disappointed that I had let myself get to that point and felt I had to time to change any of it.

The day that I realized I needed change was when I wanted to go for a run down the street with my niece and I could only run for a few minutes before getting so out of breath I had to walk.

I realized that I couldn’t live like that anymore and that the power to change my circumstances was in my own hands – the most important part was going to be reframing my mindset to ensure that fitness became a PRIORITY.

It started slowly. I started going to the gym twice a week – then three times – then fell off the wagon a bit – then went back regularly, and so on and so forth!

It took me a good six months to develop the discipline to incorporate daily fitness time and really start to push myself, build the strength necessary to start making gains and seeing progress.
One year in, I was a changed human being. Not only did I have the motivation, dedication and consistency pieces down pat, but the cravings began – I WANTED to go to the gym. EVERY DAY! It felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing when I didn’t get to the gym that day.

I couldn’t believe the physical progress – but the mental changes were just as astounding. Something that was originally daunting and challenging became my stress release, my favourite part of my day, and something I looked SO forward to.
Four years into my fitness journey today, I feel better than I ever have.
I’m stronger than ever before, I’ve turned my passions into something tangible and I get to share all the knowledge I’ve accumulated with likeminded people.

Having a plan is half the battle – in those early days when I struggled, I did not have all the information at my fingertips and it was hard to get going! I want to make sure that you don’t have to flail and feel confused like I did when you decide it’s go time and you really want to make a change.

FitGal was born from a desire to do more than the status quo – to share what active living can look like with the masses and to turn fitness into something fun that every woman can relate to.

I’ve always loved fashion – I was definitely “the glam one” that dolled up for every occasion, and I realized early on that rocking an amazing outfit to the gym had an actual effect on my performance and my willingness to go.

I went harder and felt so motivated to just push myself that extra mile when I looked as good as I felt. It had a multiplying effect for me.

I quickly realized that activewear that looked amazing was not a cheap prospect.

A great pair of pants will run you at least $50-60 at one of the supposedly AFFORDABLE providers of women’s activewear, with most charging upwards of $100 for ONE PAIR!

I made it my mission to create a line of fitness apparel that was truly affordable, did not compromise on style OR quality, and to give people the tips they needed to get that gym wear on and start moving!

From fun outfits that’ll make you want to hit the gym and keep you looking as good as you feel to sharing my daily fitness routines (and diet tips!), FitGal is a holistic fitness guide and activewear company with the core mission of making fitness accessible to ALL WOMEN!

We’re here to help! Should you have any questions at all, please contact us and let us know how we can contribute to getting you started on your fitness journey.