Alternatives to Lululemon

Alternatives to lululemon | by FitGal Activewear

Lululemon designs and makes beautiful, high quality yoga clothes and workout clothes. Period. This is an disputable fact and the very reason for their enormous success. We love the brand and look to them for ideas and inspiration in many of our pieces. The only drawback to their clothing is the cost so this article was written to help you branch out even if you are a dedicated lulu fan.  We have put together a list for you of some of personal favorite, high quality leggings, yoga pants and sports bras at half the cost. Take a look at our lulu lemon alternative list below that will spice up your workout wardrobe without breaking the bank

lulu lemon alternative

Lulu Lemon Forget The Sweat Tight $128

High tech fabrics and highly functional leggings and sports bras alone just don’t cut it. Putting on a cute outfit can be a hugely motivating factor in getting you to your workout or activity but breaking the bank is never fun. Feeling good can start with putting on a great workout outfit but why pay such a hefty cost?  Made with FitGal’s signature dry-fit polyester blend material, all of these leggings and sports bras are perfect for the most intense workouts! They will leave you feeling as dry and comfortable at the end of your workout as when you started.

FitGal Activewear Sexy Leggings only $35 

Lulu Lemon Align Pants Red $98

Nothing is off limits in these fabulous activewear pieces nor should it ever be!  Featuring four-way stretch, slight compression with body contouring effects, our activewear and athleisure has all the same features at a fraction of the cost.

FitGal Activewear Flare Yoga Pants $35
red workout leggings

Free to be sports bra by lulu lemon $52

FitGal’s Energy Sports Bra is made with our signature Dry Fit polyester blend fabric pulls sweat away from your skin and to the surface with its moisture wicking technology. You can hit the gym, hot yoga, or any other sweaty activity without worrying about staying comfortable for the duration of your session. Your outfit should make your workout easier, not harder! Pair that with an incredibly stylish strappy back, a highly supportive scoop neck front and an absolutely jaw-dropping price tag of $25.00 and you have a wardrobe staple right here! 

Energy Sports Bra by FitGal $25



Pushing Limits Sports Bra by Lululemon $64

Stylish, stand out and completely eye popping! This bra is the ultimate style statement – you’ll never have to think twice before putting it on. It’s so versatile that you can wear it to the gym one day and then to the club the next day!The level of compression leaves you feeling supported without being suffocated and the black colour and sleek design truly make it pair perfectly with absolutely everything else.Do you consider yourself an absolute style maven, no matter what the occasion? This is the sports bra for you!

Alexa Sports Bra by FitGal Activewear $35


Wunder Under High Rise Tight $128

Its time to try something new ! Variety is the spice of life and you can start with these amazing leggings from FitGal. At a fraction of the cost of similar leggings these make an awesome lulu lemon alternative.

Noir by FitGal Activewear $35



Full on Luxtreme by Lululemon $98

If prints are your thing we got you covered with amazing lulu lemon alternative at less than half the cost. Check out our most popular floral pattern yoga leggings below.

Maui by FitGal Acitvewear $35

floral workout pants


Our clothes hit the mark because they’re all about versatility – style, function and savings!

Fashionable, comfortable and affordable – these are staple pieces in any gym wardrobe so get yours today!



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