What is Athleisure ?

Athleisure | What is it?

Athleisure | The idea is simple, your favorite gym gear but not at the gym or exercising. It simply describes the style trend of casual activewear that is both suitable for gym and everyday wear. It is a trend that is most likely here to stay as it is no longer taboo but actually socially acceptable to wear yoga pants just about everywhere.

Athleisure clothing

Where did the word come from?

Athleisure is a made up term by combining the words athletic and leisure. The word perfectly describes the fashion fusion trend that we see these days. At FitGal, we have become obsessed with the idea of athleisure. We love to design clothes that are both gym and leisure appropriate.

Weight lifting or picking up the kids, properly designed athleisure should accommodate and look great doing both! Lululemon is often considered the godfather of the trend. Whether they intended it or not, their stylish yoga pants are suitable in almost every setting outside the gym, even work.

Beautifully designed yoga pants are often purchased and never actually used for yoga after all! Heck, I’m wearing my favorite pair of workout leggings right now as I write this article. It happens to be midnight by FitGal, a classic black mesh paneled legging that truly defines athleisure.

The History of Athleisure

FitGal Athleisure

If you think about it this “style evolution” has always been around just to varying degrees of social acceptance. It’s more likely than not that you have been rocking some version of athleisure years before it was described.

When you have worn your favorite workout leggings and oversized hoodie outside the gym, you took part in the fashion revolution being described here. 

Sweat pants originally designed for sweating and working out can often be seen and worn outside of exercise settings. Up until now, wearing sweat pants or workout leggings didn’t have a term to describe it and was often considered taboo, but with athleisure here to stay, society’s perception of activewear outside the gym has drastically changed.

The Future of Athleisure

Gigi Hadid Athleisure
Fashion industry experts agree that athleisure is here to stay and the trend is moving fast. Only a few years ago you would have to describe the term to people but it has now become mainstream.

Pushed forward by celebrities and influencers alike, the movement can be seen everywhere. Models like Gigi Hadid are helping to make the trend mainstream and bringing it to the forefront of fashion.

As the world becomes more health conscious and adopts more healthy lifestyle choices we can expect to continue to see this phenomenon grow. Fashionable but also extremely practical.

The Perfect Look

the perfect athleisure look

When executed well, athleisure looks great! It slims your figure and shows off curves while looking effortless.

Tight booty shaping leggings with baggy tops or sweat pants with sexy sport bras. So many possible combinations!

It’s the fusion of fashion and sportswear which is at the cornerstone of what this trend represents.

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