Best Workout Leggings Canada

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Best Workout Leggings Canada | by FitGal Activewear

The best workout leggings Canada are ones where you don’t feel you are sacrificing style, function or performance when you put them on.

Think of the leggings that you immediately go to for your toughest workouts because you know they’re squat proof, sweat proof and look amazing on every curve.

That is what the best workout leggings represent for us and what we strive to do with each pair of FitGal leggings.

What sets our leggings apart from the competition?


best workout leggings canadaSquat Proof

Our functional performance leggings are 100% squat proof. Four-way stretch allows the fabric to move with your body and hug every curve without exposing anything you don’t want to be seen.  Whether you’re going to do intense cardio or you’ve got squats or deadlifts on the agenda, you won’t need to worry! These leggings are totally up to the task.



Sweat Proofbest workout leggings

FitGal’s signature moisture wicking fabric pulls sweat away from your skin and to the surface to ensure you stay dry and comfortable for the duration of your session at the gym. You never have to worry about the type of sweaty activity you’re going to be engaging in. Our totally sweat proof and functional activewear will blow you away! We genuinely believe that you shouldn’t have to think about things like that – that’s our job!. Your outfit should make your workout easier, not harder!


workout leggings canada


We believe that comfort and style are equally important. Our goal is to ensure that first off, you are able to perform your best at the gym. We also want you look and feel your most confident. We ensure that there is the right amount of compression in order to keep you comfortable while also highlighting every curve. The body contouring effect of our activewear leaves you looking smooth and slim but also ensures that you won’t be pulling up your leggings during your workout – they will absolutely stay put.


Stylestylish workout leggings canada

What good is a pair of leggings that doesn’t make you feel great? Putting on a great outfit can help you get the most of your workout or activity. Feeling good can sometimes start with putting on an outfit that makes you look your best. We offer so many different designs and colours of leggings that are both eye catching and highly versatile. Easily paired with so many different pieces, much of our collection crosses over into athleisure. Wear it to the gym, wear it to brunch, wear it however you want to!



Comfort is always at the top of the list because if a pair of leggings is uncomfortable, it won’t ever matter how great it looks! The compression on our leggings ensures that there is never any sacrifice to flexibility but you still see a difference in how smooth the overall look is. The material is thick enough that they’re fully squat-proof but thin enough that you don’t feel excess fabric which can weigh you down when speed or focus is a priority. 




Our leggings truly hit the mark because they’re all about versatility and performance.

Functional, stylish and comfortable – we create staple pieces for every gym wardrobe that cross over into everyday life.



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