Best Workout Leggings

Best Workout Leggings

Best Workout Leggings

How to choose the perfect pair

Workout leggings are a must have staple in every active person’s wardrobe. Whether you’re into yoga, lifting, running or cycling we all have a favorite pair of leggings. A new pair of leggings can help motivate us to get in the gym and it can be fun to pair with tops to make attractive workout outfits. With so many different styles and types, finding the best workout leggings that suit your specific needs can be daunting.

The best workout leggings are that perfect find that is both comfortable & functional while also being stylish. That pair of leggings you’re dying to wear for every workout and constantly rummaging out of the laundry. The best workout leggings should maximize your workout by giving you confidence and the flexibility to move freely without worrying about whether your leggings are squat proof or sweat proof.  Here is our list of the top things to look for when searching for your new favorite pair of leggings.

The Fit & Comfort

We will start off with what is one of the most important factors – fit. What good are the best leggings if they don’t fit perfectly and feel comfortable for the activities that you are up to?! The number one thing to look for is leggings that will fit your physique properly and play up your assets.

For running and cycling, you’ll want to avoid loose fitting leggings so that you don’t trip or get caught on the peddles. You want to feel 100% comfortable in them so that you can be your best and feel your best. You will be inclined to wear them and work out more often.

For those looking for our most curve-hugging leggings, look for ones with a good percentage of spandex to allow for the greatest range of motion while also being ultra eye-catching. The perfect fitting leggings means that they are perfect for you! If you have any questions about sizing, fit or which leggings we would recommend for your lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to visit our Contact Us page.

seamless workout leggings


New manufacturing processes allow us to provide some of the best seamless workout leggings on the market. If you are an avid yoga enthusiast, cyclist or runner, you know the importance of feeling weightless while you are working out. Your clothing choices can impact your range of motion, flexibility, speed and time to the finish line. For those hitting the gym, that mind-body connection is everything. Having clothes that don’t get in that way, that feel like a second skin, is crucial to getting the most out of your workout.

Why choose seamless leggings? It’s simple. Seamless leggings provide the highest degree of comfort and flex so that you can move with zero limitation or irritation. The smooth construction won’t chafe your skin or irritate you with loose stitches or strings. Seamless leggings ensure that nothing gets in the way of a good sweat session.

moisture wicking leggings

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Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking leggings pull sweat away from your skin, helping to keep you dry even during the most intense workouts. It is so important to have leggings that will keep you dry and comfortable during the most challenging, sweat-filled workouts.They dry much faster than cotton, help sweat evaporate and keep your body cool.

When you’re going hard at the gym, you don’t want anything to stand in your way. It can also get really sweaty, really fast. When your leggings get drenched with sweat within the first 20 minutes of cardio and you’re left moist, uncomfortable and with visible sweat stains, that is a huge roadblock to getting the most out of your time there. Moisture wicking leggings will help elevate your performance by allowing you to go much harder and longer without worrying about perspiration. Leave that to us!

high waisted workout leggings

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High Waist

Squats, deadlifts and lunges are a great part of any exercise routine, but not when your underwear are showing. We offer a large range of workout leggings that have a high waist to ensure that you can get your workout done while still hiding your underwear during some of the more intense moves. Want to move freely during your ab workout without each movement pulling your pants down a little farther? We want to make sure you can look great, feel great and stay comfortable.

breathable workout leggingsj

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One the most important factors to consider especially for the yoga lovers is the breathability of leggings. If you’re doing yoga outside in the sun or hitting up a hot yoga class, you want a pair of yoga pants that are able to breathe. New styles with built in mesh panels are designed to keep you cool. You don’t want to feel like you’re overheating while you’re working out so be sure to pick an appropriate pair of leggings with built in ventilation to suit your most intense workouts. They also happen to look pretty bad ass and show off your legs through the workout pants so double score!

grey workout leggings

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Wearing workout leggings outside of the gym has been accepted as the norm. We wear them everywhere. If you choose the right pair of leggings you can wear them to work, school, to the supermarket or just hanging out with friends. Workout leggings and yoga pants have evolved past the yoga mat and gym and can be found just about everywhere.

Our workout leggings are also made with high performing fabrics that are so luxuriously soft and ridiculously comfortable that you can enjoy them in absolutely every setting. We offer so many styles that are easy to fall in love with as an everyday pair that once you put on a pair of FitGal leggings, you’ll never want to take them off – and you won’t have to! 😉

sculpting workout leggings

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Performance is extremely important and a central aspect of our design process. In addition to performing your best however, we also want you to look and feel your strongest and most confident. The best workout leggings are designed to push you to new heights and hold you in, in all the right places. They enhance all of your best features and smooth away anything still under construction. The best workout gear should make you perform and look your best. Want to get that perfect pair of booty-sculpting leggings? Our signature booty building design will lift your figure to new heights and leave you feelings as bootylicious as a 90s pop star.

yellow and black workout leggings

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Retro is everywhere today. In music, sunglasses, pop culture and even in activewear. Once you start thinking about the key trends, it’s clear why! Long, elongating, striped designs are hugely popular in leggings today and for good reason.This retro trend not only looks great and turns heads, but also helps elongate your figure.

Give your legs the emphasis they deserve. With our elongating and shaping designs, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go in the absolute best workout leggings.

versatile workout leggings

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Some leggings look great in the gym and less so outside of the gym setting. The best workout leggings should be versatile and work with many outfits. Anyone who has found a great pair of leggings knows they go way beyond the gym. Cross-fit or Starbucks, the best workout leggings should be able to do both. Fashionable, performance-based workout leggings that you can lift weight in or pick up the kids in are key.

If you are someone that likes wearing activewear outside of active settings then you are going to want something super comfortable! Something you can wear anywhere and something that is more on the athleisure side of the spectrum. Our trendy designs including bold patterns, mesh panels, black and white block printed designs and pockets – just to name a few features – are sure to be a hit no matter where you’re headed!


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