Blue Sock Leggings

fitgal blue sock leggings

Blue Sock Leggings | by FitGal Activewear

FitGal’s Blue Sock Leggings are both a functional and incredibly stylish pair of leggings.

Made with FitGal’s signature dry-fit polyester blend material, these leggings are perfect for the most strenuous activities and will leave you feeling as dry and comfortable as when you started.

Nothing is off limits in these fabulous leggings nor should it ever be!  Featuring four-way stretch, slight compression with body contouring effects and a gorgeous white striped design on electric blue leggings, these leggings are truly a masterpiece!


blue sock leggingsMoisture Wicking

FitGal’s signature Dry Fit polyester blend fabric pulls sweat away from your skin and to the surface with its moisture wicking technology. You can hit the gym, hot yoga, or any other sweaty activity without worrying about staying comfortable for the duration of your session. Your outfit should make your workout easier, not harder!


Squat Proofblue sock leggings canada

These leggings are 100% squat proof. Four-way stretch material allows the fabric to move with your body and hug every curve without exposing anything you don’t want to be seen.  Squats or deadlifts on the agenda today? These leggings are totally up to the task.


blue sock legging


Body Contouring

With a curve-hugging design like this, there is a slight amount of compression in order to keep you comfortable while also highlighting every curve. The body contouring effect leaves you looking smooth and slim but also ensures that you won’t be pulling up your leggings during your workout – they will absolutely stay put.


Stylishblue sock legging canada


High tech fabrics and highly functional leggings alone just don’t cut it. Putting on a cute outfit can be a hugely motivating factor in getting you to your workout or activity. Feeling good can sometimes start with putting on a great pair of leggings. The electric blue colour of these leggings is eye catching and highly versatile. Easily paired with so many colours and designs, these beautiful blue sock leggings easily cross over into athleisure.


sock leggings canadaComfortable & Breathable

Comfort is clearly at the top of the list. What good is a pair of leggings that looks good and functions properly if you can’t get comfortable. The compression on these leggings is slight that there’s no sacrifice to flexibility but you still see a difference in how smooth the overall look is. The material is thick enough that they’re fully squat-proof but thin enough that you don’t feel excess fabric which can weigh you down when speed or focus is a priority.


These leggings truly hit the mark because they’re all about versatility.

Functional, stylish and comfortable – they are a staple piece in any gym wardrobe so get yours today!

Check them out here.



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