Cheap Workout Clothes

cheap workout clothing

Cheap Workout Clothes – Inexpensive & Stylish Without Sacrificing Quality

Cheap Workout Clothes | High Quality and Great Deals

What’s wrong with being cheap? Nothing! 

Everyone loves a deal and finding great clothing at an affordable price is the best feeling. 

FitGal was founded with the mission to offer high quality and stylish workout clothes that don’t break the bank or sacrifice quality. We only provide the highest quality cheap workout clothes because believe that quality and affordability are equally important.

Making fitness affordable for women is our mission at FitGal Activewear. We believe fitness is important to leading a happy, healthy life. We also know it can be really hard to get going. Because of this, we want to make sure we play our part and reduce some of the barriers to working out.

Large scale production, low overhead costs and strong supplier relationships mean we can provide the best quality workout clothes at a fraction of the cost compared to other activewear brands. 


cheap workout clothes

Cheap Workout Clothes | Amazing stylish workout outfits like these are available at unbelievable prices 


Making Activewear Affordable is important to us

As someone with a very active lifestyle, I always had a hard time finding affordable gym clothes.

It’s easy to find poor quality cheap gym clothes. It’s also easy to find pants that cost upwards of $100. Finding something that looks great and will last at what I consider to be a fair and reasonable price was a real challenge.

There are some great activewear brands offering high quality workout leggings and clothes but it’s not always practical to spend $100+ on a pair of yoga pants. And new companies seem to pop up every day offering subscription leggings? To me that makes no sense. You subscribe to Netflix not to work clothes.


A Big Problem and Our Solution

Cheap workout leggings and yoga pants that stood up to the toughest workouts were just not available on the market. 

This problem is what inspired FitGal because we truly believed it would be possible to merge affordability and quality with impeccable style.

These are what ultimately became our three driving factors behind the FitGal brand and which continue to fuel all the work we do.

cheap womens workout clothes

Beautiful high quality workout clothes like these don’t need break the bank !


The Best of Both Worlds

At FitGal we strive to offer the highest quality workout clothes at an affordable price point because we care. Our gym clothes are cheap compared to other brands but we will never sacrifice quality. Every pair of leggings and sports bra we manufacture is tested to the highest degree – machine wash tests, wear tests, you name it, we’ve done it! We wouldn’t ever sell you something we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

You will love these cheap workout clothes because they look great and can withstand your hardest workouts. You will also love them because they will save you tons of money! Spend wisely, sweat buckets!

Pick up a pair today. You won’t find a better deal anywhere!

If you are looking for inexpensive, stylish workout clothes that won’t break the bank, check out the entire collection of affordable workout leggings here.


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