Leggings with Pockets

workout leggings with pockets

Leggings with Pockets

Leggings with pockets are the newest style evolution in athleisure because helping to make your workouts a bit more practical is always a win.

How are you supposed to workout while juggling your phone, keys and credit card? With great difficulty! Until recently, leggings lacked one of the most basic and essential things we take for granted with most pants; pockets. Workout leggings with pockets are essential items for your gym wardrobe! They will allow you to carry everything you need and are super convenient. What’s even better is you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort to get a great pair of leggings with built in pockets.

workout leggings with pockets

Workout leggings with pockets like these are an essential part of your workout wardrobe 

Leggings are great; they look sexy, show off our shape, pair with almost everything and are super comfy. If you wear workout leggings often you know that the one major downside to most leggings is the lack of pockets and that can be a limiting factor to certain types of workouts. Imagine all the benefits of your favorite leggings but with storage for your keys, phone and headphones at the gym. The legging revolution has started and we understand your need for pockets because we love them too! FitGal specializes in leggings with pockets and personally these are our favorite types of leggings. Check out these workout leggings with pockets that are stylish but also super functional.

workout pants with pockets

Workout pants with pockets can be super functional like these ones shown without sacrificing style.

A Rarity, until NOW!

Some workout leggings have a very tiny pocket hidden underneath the waistband. The fact that more workout leggings are not offered with pockets is unfortunate given how useful they are.  There is nothing more practical and relatively simple to integrate. Once you have owned a pair of workout pants with pockets you won’t understand how you survived before because they are so functional! 


workout legging with pockets

You can’t even tell these sleek black workout leggings have pockets 

A Workout Essential

You don’t need massive cargo sized side pockets on your leggings. One sided pockets or simple pockets are usually enough to carry all your basic gym essentials. Having pockets on your workout leggings can really support and make your workout better. By easily carrying your favorite tunes by your waist, you will enjoy your workout more. Figuring out where to store your cards doing a workout shouldn’t be a problem but unfortunately it is. Go wherever you’re going in style, without compromising function because you no longer have to!


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