Sweat-Wicking Leggings & Tights

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Sweat-Wicking Leggings & Tights

Are you looking for the ultimate sweat-wicking leggings and tights because you want to stay comfortable and dry during your toughest workouts?

Do you want some seamless, body contouring perfection that is both functional and a total stand out at the gym?

Don’t settle when you can have everything you want out of your activewear! At FitGal, we make sure our performance-based activewear is also stylish and fun.


Moisture Wicking Leggings

The Best Leggings

FitGal offers sweat-wicking tights & leggings which are made from a modern blend of high-tech polyester fabric. Our fabrics are specifically designed to draw moisture away from the skin keeping you cool and dry for your highest intensity workouts. Keeping you comfortable and happy is a top priority! We believe it’s our job to make working out a easier.


performance-driven activewearLow Absorbency

Our high tech polyester fabric with sweat wicking technology is much less absorbent than other fabric blends. This creates much less water retention. Cotton, for example, absorbs 7% of its overall weight in water. This can leave you feeling drenched and weighed down! Why feel sticky and uncomfortable when there are alternatives? Our polyester blend absorbs just 0.5% and pushes the rest away to the surface, evenly. Stay dry and stay fly!


sweatproof leggingsMoisture Wicking

Cross-stitch fabric, used in our moisture wicking styles, picks up moisture and pulls it away from your skin. The fabric carries sweat away from your body and distributes it evenly so you can dry faster and stay happy! Sweat proof, breathable and moisture wicking fabric is the way to go if you’re looking for performance-driven activewear. There is no alternative.


Functional & Stylish

We carry a number of sweat proof leggings to suit your workout needs. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help. Our comfortable, durable, sweat-wicking leggings are perfect for working out but are also designed with athleisure in mind. No matter what style you’re looking for, you will find something you like. Up your style and workout game with our functional and sexy workout leggings. Check out our variety of sweat wicking leggings and put your best foot forward.


sweat-wicking leggings

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