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FitGal always strives to blend fashion and functionality – bringing you the best looking and highest performance activewear is our guarantee. We are focused on bringing you only the highest quality workout tops that look amazing, last for a long time, and withstand the toughest workouts. Why settle when you can have it all?


workout tops

Moisture Wicking

If you’re looking for functional activewear that is made specifically for sweat, look no further! Our signature moisture wicking fabrics absorb less sweat and push it all to the surface to keep you dry and comfortable during those tough sweaty workouts.


workout tshirts canada


One of the best parts of this line is that it truly fits in, in any setting. Wear our workout tops and t-shirts to the gym or wear them out with friends to brunch, you’ll never feel out of place! Athleisure is a trend that isn’t going anywhere so make the most of it with our super versatile workout t shirts and tops.


workout tshirts

High Impact Approved

Do you strength train? Do you also like to go for a long run outdoors? Guess what? In our gear, you won’t have to think twice about the activity you’re doing before getting dressed. Our gear is so functional it can work in any setting. Perfect for yoga, the gym or whatever gets you moving, our tops and t-shirts are perfect for high impact activities and are sure to become a gym wardrobe staple.